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Did anyone order a private stewardess? Her name is Suzanna and she really has SOME training in flight attending.

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Corina is having great fun while she plays into the sea fully clothed. We was on a public beach so as you can guess spectators was admiring her all the way.

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Maya enjoys posing in a big jacuzzi. By the way, her jeans were brand new. We hope you enjoy seeing them soaked!

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We asked Anca three things.

1. Wear something white

2. "Forget" to put on your bra.

3. Just be yourself in front of the cameras.

BENECO Forget put on bra the best point;)

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A perfect outfit for Anna to use as a swimming suit.

BENECO Anna and Bea are best wetlook girl;)

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This is a video we made for a customer of and Cryna had to answer some quiz questions... Every time the answer was WATER you can guess what happened ;)

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We are sure that most of the wetlook fans prefer white as clothing on their models so we though we do a couple of shots with some of our girls dressed completely in white.

This is one of them ;)

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Kinga is having fun in the dunk tank, wearing a white top, denim short pants, pantyhose and boots.

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The was originally a custom video made for a customer on but we think the jeans and sneaker fans will enjoy the session and it's been a while since we had Lara in the tub wearing jeans. So.... enjoy ;)

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In this update Maya is just herself :) she never say no to a fully clothed swim into a warm pool. We did a video for a high heeled boots project and since her dressing was great for a dip into the pool we asked her to come along and play for you guys a little while./

Which she gladly did and you can enjoy the result (if you find Maya and her clothing OK for your taste)

Maya is wearing a silk shirt and a pair of skin tight black jean, high heeled boots and pantyhose under the jeans.

bond76876 I love maya any picture of her shirt soaked and water running down her face and free vid maybe

Flav from EuroWAM HI, I cannot take requests for free videos. Maya almost never soaked her face during the shootings.