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Tania certainly had a lot of fun that day, wearing one of her long dresses matched with some classic heels. Enjoy! 😉

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A platinum blonde girl named Afrodite with a free afternoon and a curiosity for what is wetlook. What could go wrong? Right? Enjoy Afrodite's wetlook hunter session. 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1050c2-trailer-947164?category_id=101461

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The second food game with Lelle and Selina. The girls were happy to hear that our fans enjoyed their first session (based on the downloads, at least), so they happily played along, messed with each other, and had great fun in the process.
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1122c4-trailer-f3dfde?category_id=101461

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New video in download store and also on wam.tv!
You cannot go wrong with a pencil skirt and a bathtub filled with soapy water. That's what we thought, at least. Enjoy Lia's bathtub session. 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1046c3-trailer-30e865?category_id=101461

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Andra is 18 years old, and she was in a hurry to get to work when we met. She works at a beach bar and was late to work, and she almost got the cameraman hit by a car in her attempt to ditch us. But as you can imagine, we got her into the sea at the end of the deal. However, getting her wet with her work clothes on was not easy or cheap. Check out the update to see how it was to get Andra wet.

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New video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
During the previous shootings, we discovered that Iringo and Hanna like to play chess. So, we figured out a way to combine chess and Wetlook. Enjoy! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1066c7-traier-bed698?category_id=101461

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Cristina C. was relaxing, drinking juice on a terrace, and the last thing that crossed her mind when she agreed to let us sit down next to her was that she was going to soak her clothes into the sea in a matter of minutes after our discussion. After the initial chat about her makeup, name, and age, I discovered her 20th birthday was the next day. I told her that she would receive a gift from us (an amount of money), but she would have to give a gift back to us. Check out why she said no first and how we convinced her to come and soak her outfit for us anyway.

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New video in download store and on wam.tv!
This is Jana's solo scene taken from party 43, available on wetlookparty.com
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1065c4-trailer-5f5ca8?category_id=101461

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The crew met Claudia in a park, where she sat on a bench. She was a little bitchy in the beginning, making us wonder if her looks and the outfit she wore were worth the risk of getting just a simple "Fuck you..." Anyway, we took the risk and asked her if I could sit next to her, and after the usual chit-chat, I told her why we were there. You can learn the rest of the story for yourself. She accepted our invitation to get wet in the sea, and while she was not thrilled when her dress kept popping up because of the waves, she felt nice posing for the cameras. We hope you enjoy the clip.

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We have a new video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
We know that it is better to stay near the water on a summer day. So Donna did precisely that. She tried to hydrate herself with a glass of water... at first. Then things got a bit cooler. 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1044c9-trailer-7feddd?category_id=101461