Hello guys! 🤩
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Lovely Teresa is back but this time she is getting wet, and in a nice pool place. I invited her toa new place. She is wearing a nice white outfit with a blue shirt. Enjoy watching her! 😘

Hi guys! 🥰
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Dana is always happy to share a wetlook experience with us cos sharing is caring, right? We hope you enjoy watching her soak one of her business outfits in the pool! 😉

Hello everyone! 😍
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Lovely Niki is back this time wearing sexy leather leggings, high-heeled boots, and a blue shirt. As always, she knows how to get wet for the camera and for you guys! 😉 Enjoy watching her! 😘

Hi guys! 😍
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Michaela was just arriving at the shootings, and she was still wearing her street outfit. To her surprise, we asked her not to change her clothes but to step into the hot tub just the way she was dressed: a Leather jacket, a sweater, leather boots, and jeans with black pantyhose underneath. It was the perfect wear for wet fun! Enjoy! 😉

Hello guys! 🥰
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Scenes with Miriam and Lola taken from wetlook party 49, available on wetlookparty.com
Enjoy watching them! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1041c7-trailer-a40803?category_id=101461

Hi everyone! 😊
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What is black and not a floating device? Juci's winter coat. But it looks damn well when soaked wet... And it all happened after a lost rock-paper-scissors game. It was a custom video. Enjoy! 😘
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1084c4-trailer-707013?category_id=101461

Hello guys! 😍
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Another hot session in the Balaton Lake... Edina wore a black skirt, tan pantyhose, a pink top that got see-through when wet, and black heels. A perfect choice for a nice wet fun! Enjoy! 😉

Hi guys! 🥰
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Meet Simonetta, and as you can guess, I had a great time that day, because I found this gorgeous woman in a very nice outfit for you guys, and she was open to sharing her pool with us and with me too, so I was lucky that day. Enjoy watching us! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1118c7-trailer-7ca049?category_id=101461

Hello everyone! 🥰
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Eleonora and Tinella are back, and ready to get messy in the mud pit, and because you guys like leggings and jeans, I bet you will like this set. Enjoy watching them! 😉
The scene is free on wam.tv!

Hi guys! 😍
New video is available in download store and on wam.tv as well!
Get dressed, get perfect make-up, and then take a shower. It's surreal for most of the ladies out there but not for Netty, especially when I'm there... 😉 Enjoy watching her getting wet in that nice outfit! 😘
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1053c2-trailer-6531a9?category_id=101461