Hi everyone! 😍
Enjoy the Trailer of Patricia's wetlook video! After reading she enjoyed soaking her nice red formal dress in the pool! 😉

And another one:
This update was originally made for a custom-videos.com client, BUT the version you see now is much shorter. Julia plays in the lake after a walk in the city. She is wearing a white summer skirt and a thin shirt without a bra under it, red leather boots, and stockings. After she played in the lake for a while, Julia went home with her soaked clothes on (we actually film her walking on the street with wet clothes on)

BENECO Interesring think:)

New on wam.tv!
Judith is ready for business... Our kind of business of course. 😉

Hi guys! 🥰
Enjoy watching the Trailer of Lili's wetlook video. She is a pretty girl who likes raspberry, but she likes better getting wet in the pool!

New on wam.tv!
One of Reka's hobbies is motorcycling, and she tries that every time she can. And since the biker outfit can get a little hot under the sun (especially when the motorbike is not running), a cold shower is always welcome. 😘

Hi guys! 😘
I'm here with another Trailer for you! Enjoy Reni getting wet in jeans and denim jacket for the first time!


New video up on wam.tv!

Adria is posing in the pool wearing high heels, nylon socks, tight black pants, and a red thin blouse that goes a little see-thru when wet and it reveals her black satin bra.

Hi guys! 🥰
Check out the Trailer of Arna's mud play video! It was fun to help her get muddy!

Check out the Trailer of mine wetlook video under the shower vearing winter outfit and boots! It was cold outside, but nice to get wet in this outfit!


Florian C hello, it's almost winter, it's the season when we put on clothes with fur, it's been a long time since there has been on the site. I would like to see a parka with a hood with fur lining. Please 🙏

Lara Lara We will do in the future for sure! Or you can order a custom video on https://custom-videos.com

Florian C Hello I have already requested a personalized video but the price is too high for my budget, I have more than to wait to hope a video comes out. 😮‍💨

Hello guys! 🥰
New wetlook hunter video on wam.tv!

Noemi was not in a hurry, so that made her a perfect "target" for our hunt. The crew met her on a winter day, and we presented her the story in a nice manner... just like a special modeling session... You can imagine how special she is considered to be especially because her coat was almost brand new and she was a bit afraid that it would get ruined in the water. But I guess the temptation to know how it is was a lot bigger than the fear of the clothes.

BENECO i remember this hunter is very very amazing:)