Another dunk tank video featuring Monika is online on

Monika looks like she is ready to go out for a fancy walk in the city during a hot summer night, she is wearing a thin summer blouse, capri leggings and high heels. Great dunk tank session this one.

A wam hunter video just went online on

Claudia was just relaxing on a bench and she was reading a book... and of course the first thing I asked from her was "what do you read?" and of course she was so surprised to see suddenly two guys pointing at her cameras then she could not even tried to ask us to leave her alone. Since I had the advantage of surprise on my side I thought it would be a good idea to use it and I quickly start to ask her how old is she and, you know, the rest of the usual stuff I ask every girl and then I told her what we are doing with the camera in that place. And since Claudia said that she likes challenges, it was a good time to challenge her to mess her clothes in our mud pit. Which for my surprise she agree very quickly, which made me think that the girl is not a stranger to messy stuff, and IF she is for the first time in the mud, she will be messy again because she enjoyed very much messing her sexy black outfit into the mud.

A new mud video has been set as free for 24 hours on

Maria was ready to make her debut in the wam world... and we wanted to give her the best welcome treatment. Relaxing mud mask!

BUT just to be sure we got her into the mud pit from head to toe.

Monday's quote!

This was yesterday's wetlook video on

She is not a model... just a pretty girl who likes wetlook and she agreed to be a model for a session. Enjoy Bianca's first and last wetlook session.

Yesterday's messy video on

There is a first time for everything so it had to be a first time when Simonne lands into the gunge tank.

The quote for Sunday.

Lili's casual clothing shower and pool dance is now in the download store:
and on

A wetlook video with Simonne has been set as free for 24 hours on

This time Simonne choose a "lighter" outfit to pose in the pool... Lighter color we mean... And those silver shoes are really beautiful in our opinion.

A wam hunter video has been just added to the

To tell you the truth one of the reasons that we do most of the hunter shootings in the summer is that you can get pretty easy girls who will agree to get messy for fun and take the WAM hunter challenge. If the weather outside is hot and if she have nothing to do, getting the girl messy is not a hard at all. Gaby was no different and I've met her in the nicest condition possible, it was hot outside and she had nothing to do with her time, she was just taking a walk when I saw her... SO I was able to convince this nice girl to mess her black leggings, heels and her blue shirt in the mud.