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As with all the other summer days, the day we met Lavinia was very hot. We were walking by a park specially created for extreme sports fans when I saw her walking towards us. Of course, I complimented her for her nice name, and she seemed nice from the start... I even told her a joke before I got to the point of the discussion, and that helped get her even more comfortable with the idea that we were there and we filmed her and everything. She told me that she knows English, but she would prefer to speak in Romanian, and I've made a deal with her that we will make the conversation half in English and half in Romanian. Lavinia is 21 years old, and she is a student at the local Navy university, and it was easy to figure out that she knows how to swim ;) Getting her to swim fully clothed for us was not hard at all... And because I was surprised, and I asked her why she agreed so quickly to soak her clothes, she told me that it was not the first time she had soaked her clothes... Every year she does it at the beginning of the swimming season. Well, judging by how she felt in the water and the fun she had, I can tell you that this girl soaks her clothes more than once every year... It was nice to find her and see how she played in the sea wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, socks, and sports shoes. I hope all the jeans and socks fans will like the update.

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Check out the new wetlook hunter video available in download store and also on wam.tv!
Meet Anelia, a smiling pretty student girl, who I found for you and she was curious enough to figure out how it feels like bathing fully clothed. Enjoy her! 😉

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Check out my new oil video available in download store! (also on wam.tv)
It was a custom video request to cover my Wrangler jeans and shirt with massage oil. It was a pleasure to do that and I had so much fun, and was exciting! Enjoy watching me! 😘

We also have a new wetlook video in download store! (also on wam.tv)
Enjoy EnikÅ‘ soaking her sexy red dress in the pool and test her make-up to see if it's reliable in the water! Enjoy watching her! 😉

And another one for the mud funs!
Today we have something for casual clothing fans who also like mud play.
Enjoy Kinga's new session in the mud and the wash-off part at the end. 😉

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New on wam.tv!
Adria is having great fun posing for the camera, dressed in one of her casual outfits.
We are sure that some of the leggings fans will love the update. 😉

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New video in download store! (and also on wam.tv)
You may have heard the popular theory that witches will float on water, and while that may seem like an outdated notion, it's a belief that continues to intrigue many. So, it's no wonder that people often try to put this theory to the test. Of course, we all know that witches aren't real and don't possess any supernatural powers that would allow them to float. However, that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun and try to replicate this phenomenon in a more playful manner.

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We have a new wetlook dance video with Narina taken from Wetlook Party 43 available on https://wetlookparty.com/ and also on wam.tv!

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The first sentence Irina said was, "Leave me alone." I intended to let her go and find another girl, but she smiled at me, and I thought I would get her into a better mood after a talk. She was a bit arrogant at the beginning, but with some compliments, I got Irina to stay in one place, so at least she did not run from us. Irina told me that she is 22 years old, and as I found out later, she enjoys getting wet with her clothes on (she did it before). She asked me why she would accept getting wet in front of the camera, and I gave her the strongest argument I usually use (the money), but she said that she didn't want money and all she wants is dinner with me (without the cameraman)...
I will let you guys discover the rest by watching the clip and let you guess if I accepted the "invitation" or not ;).
I will tell you one more thing, though, she loved to pose for the camera, which proves that she told the truth when she told me that she enjoys getting wet and fully clothed.

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We have a new wetlook video in download store made with lovely Netty!
She has a nice black shirt, black sweater, white jeans, and high boots. Enjoy watching her! 😉
You can watch her video on wam.tv as well!