A mud video has been added to the wam.tv collection:

This is Arna and she is wearing one of her working outfits. The deal was simple: whenever the ball missed the bat Arna had to get a little messier. Lara was kind enough to help out with the mud. Wash off session is available, as usual.

Today's wetlook video on wam.tv:

The session is also available on eurowam:

Just posted a CUT from the T1034c5 video on Youtube:

The second video for today on wam.tv:

We dressed her up and made a deal. If she will complete our quiz she will stay dry but if not she will have to get her clothes wet. Well she didn't completed the test.

Another video with Joana is up on wam.tv:

So let's assume that we have a spring day, and let's also assume that Joana is out for a walk on the fields next to her town, because she needed some silence after her recent break up from her boy friend. Now normally you should avoid the messy puddles when you take a walk, and this is exactly what Joana did all afternoon, but she spotted a good looking guy and she wanted to pose as a victim. So when she found a big puddle, she pretended that she fell in it in the hopes that the guy would lift her out and maybe her boring afternoon would change a bit. However, she had little luck with that because when the guy saw Joana falling into the muddy puddle, he just walked away. Seeing this, what else she could do except to laugh of her situation? After that, she went straight under the shower, because she still had to clean that messy training suit right?

New video on wam.tv:

Enjoy watching Sonja, under the shower, wearing a pair of jeans pants and a denim jacket, along with a pair of flat shoes.

The scene was originally made as a custom video.

Another video free for 24 hours on wam.tv:

A very nice video with Monika, where she gets dunked wearing her office outfit and heels. She had a lot of fun getting dunked in this clip, of course. Enjoy.

BENECO Amazing

Simina's session (Lara posted below) is also available on wam.tv:

Hi guys!🥰
We had a batgirl a while ago so of course, we had to dress up a girl in a Robin suit Enjoy watching Simina's pool dunk.😉

Free for 24 hours on wam.tv:

Just a perfect sunset on a public beach and Corina, posing in the sea, dressed completely in white.

BENECO Beatifull:)