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Here is another bathtub update for the sweater fans... Angela was kind enough to soak another outfit of hers for our viewing pleasure. In this session, she wears light green pants, a black sweater without a bra underneath, and matching leather boots. Boots in a bathtub is a great choice! 😉

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New video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
Scenes with Sonja and Petra taken from Wetlook Party 49, available on wetlookparty.com. Enjoy! 😉

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There were some requests from the fans to use some more elegant outfits for the pool dunk sessions. Well, we listened (as usual) so here is Adrienn wearing a cocktail dress, pantyhose and heels. Looks amazing dry and wet as well! 😉

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New video on wam.tv!
You know that Vivien and Brenda are friends, right? So Brenda talked with Vivien about what happened to her after each piano lesson, and Vivien didn't believe her. She just had to try it for herself.
You can buy the full topless scene on my UMD store if you are interested. 😉

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New video in download store and also on wam.tv!
We don't know why the effect of drinking Coke on some of the girls is getting them to take a fully clothed bath, but it happens occasionally. What is sure is that Csenge consumed almost all the shampoo we had on the set on her hair, so at the end of the day, it was shining like a glitter ball back in the 80s. Enjoy! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1047c3-trailer-ab5d14?category_id=101461

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New video in download store and also on wam.tv!
Meet Jazmin, a very pretty girl who I met on the street, and she was coming from work, she was working in a casino, so she is not just pretty, but also a cool girl. And she was cool enough to agree to come with me and try out getting wet fully dressed up! Enjoy! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1104c2-trailer-421f33?category_id=101461

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New mud video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
She is once again in the mud pit, and she is just as gorgeous as ever. Dry and clean and especially when she covered herself with mud. That nice jacket looks amazing muddy, do you agree with me? Enjoy watching Tina! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1114c4-trailer-aace15?category_id=101461

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New video in download store and also on wam.tv!
Enjoy watching Babett and Alida playing around and inside the pool. We wanted to make this session fun, so we found a ball and made a gate out of two traffic cones. The task was to score, and each time they finished, they moved the cones closer to each other. When the ball didn't hit the gate, the beauty who missed the shot got a bucket of water on her heels and clothes.
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1069c3-trailer-e621d5?category_id=101461

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Edina is enjoying a hot afternoon, soaking one of her pantsuits in the Balaton Lake. Sexy as always! Enjoy! 😉