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Dana is 41 years old, and she is working as an assistant manager. She used to model when she was young for magazines in Eastern Europe, and she agreed to model for us to prove to herself that she is still good at it. You be the judge if she is right or wrong and enjoy the first update with her.

Hi everyone! 😍
Check out the new mud video in download store made with lovely Sonja! She gets pretty muddy during she plays with that ball... You can see some artist poses from her too! 😜 Enjoy the Trailer! 😘
It's available on as well!

Hi guys! 🥰
Enjoy the new video with lovely Orsi in the download store! As always she looks stunning soaking herself in that dress and boots! Enjoy the Trailer! 😉
The video is up on as well!

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This is another clip that was made originally for a client.

The script was about a girl (Monika) searching for an address and entering in the pool house. The script also requested that she handle a fully working mobile phone, and after using said phone, she had to put that in a leather handbag and go swimming. Unfortunately, the phone was not water-resistant and therefore did not survive, but at least we have a new update. Many thanks to the customer who ordered it.

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We have tight jeans and a smooth sweater in the kiddy pool. And Joana looks great wearing her own casual clothes.

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If all referees looked like Amelia, fair play would not be a matter of debate ;)

Hello guys! 😍
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The order for Theodora's custom video was pretty simple, yet not something we see every day. She had to dress as she would never dress in public and dance herself into the pool. The dance scene (dry) was cut from this post to keep the video shorter as probably not many fans would be interested in 15 minutes of dancing.

Hi everyone! 🥰
We have a new wetlook dance video in the download store with Somi and Patricia dressed in sports outfit! The video is taken from Wetlook party 44 available on
The video is available on as well!

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BENECO I run to home watch this free video:)

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It was Star's idea to have a session as if she would just leave the office.

So she put on a shirt and some nice black pants along with some very high-heeled shoes, and after a walk in the city, she trashed her clothes into the mud pit.