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Reka and Elise don't own a washing machine, so they ask each other to help wash their clothes. First, they filled two buckets with water and then added soap. Then, they slowly soaped each other dresses, and then, of course, they used a hose to clean the soap. Enjoy the result! 😉

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Afrodite is back, just this time she came in a sexy sporty outfit, and after doing some gym exercises, she wanted to soak that nice outfit of hers, and what can I say... that was an excellent idea, she looks so much better all soaked! Do you agree with me? 😉
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All the days when we hunt for the WAMhunter site must be sunny and hot... and of course, all the girls must be at least "nice" to be invited to mess their clothes for us. The day we've met Roxana was no different than any other summer day and she was sure that we were from some local TV station doing an interview. So to stop her and know her name was not hard at all because we are sure that every girl her age wants to be on TV (even if she said that this is not true ;) Anyway... the point is that we got to know her name very easily and she also told us that she is working as an "operator" whatever that means, for a bank. She was smartly dressed, still wearing her working clothes (a pair of leather heels, an elegant skirt, and a black shirt with a bra underneath). If she was easy to stop and very nice till she thought that we are from a TV crew, she changed a bit when we told her about our reality show and about the big mud pit. But in the end, we managed to negotiate (because that is exactly what we had to do) with her on the condition she would agree to mess up her clothes. Check out the full story by watching the clip.

Hello everyone! 😍
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Alexa has a quick dip in the pool wearing a pair of striped pants, a sexy shirt, and sandals. White clothes look soo nice when become wet, I mean most of them... but this time we can say yes! Enjoy! 😉

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This is the behind-the-scenes of my video shooted in Greece last year. This can be the teasing trailer of it... Enjoy!
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Despite the look, Antonia is not going to a cocktail party. Instead she wades straight into the sea, wearing a yellow dress, black sheer pantyhose and heels. She looks even better when wet! 😉

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Meet Rami, who I found on the street after I was disappointed, that I couldn't find a girl for wetlook, and the wetlook place was off, so I decided to give it a try and invite her to an oil fun in our kiddy pool in a new place we rented. She was open to trying out and had a nice outfit to soak in with oil. After all, it was a great day, and Rami enjoyed covering herself with oil. Enjoy! 😉
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