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This is Lili's wetlook dance, taken from wetlook party 38 available on

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What would happen if your office desk were in the pool room? How will it look if you mix work with pleasure? That is the question Timmy is trying to answer in this new session.

BENECO I like wet office and pantyhose:)

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In this update, Monika wears one of her casual outfits: black leggings and a thin grey blouse. Her ankle boots are removed during the clip revealing Monika's white socks. Enjoy!

Niki's legging session is now on and also on

And I have posted the wetlook interview after the session (on YouTube)

Hi guys! 🥰
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The video was originally made as a custom video production and Orsi and Reka had only one thing to do... splash each other using buckets and water from the pool. After a while, they decided to go "all in," and since we played no poker, all in means for them ALL the clothes stayed on - IN the pool.

Dana's wetlook Interview:

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Timea and Nicolette (Nicky) thought that their afternoon would end the same boring way as it did all week (it was Friday when we shot the clip).

Anyway... could we let these ladies be bored? So what I did was to set a money prize, and we invited them to fight in the mud for the money, fully dressed.

Since they were friends, of course, the girls played "nicely" during the fight but still at the end they both were covered from head to toe with thick mud and of course, we gave the money to the winner at the end of the fight, and she shared the money with the looser. So it is an update where everyone wins a little ;)

Wash off session is available at the end of the messy clip.

Trailer is here:

BENECO Wam hunter back?

Flav from EuroWAM Maybe...

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As promised, after Detti's wetlook hunter session (T1071c2), here is her friend Dana. As you will find out, Dana is a different personality, and we are truly grateful that we get shy Dana into the pool. I am sure that if she had been alone without her friend, Detti Dana would never agree to come with the crew and play in the pool for us. Still, this way, she not only came but also tried to replicate the moves of Detti (a natural wetlook lover for sure), so we ended with a great "capture" for the day. What a great day!

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Dana is 41 years old, and she is working as an assistant manager. She used to model when she was young for magazines in Eastern Europe, and she agreed to model for us to prove to herself that she is still good at it. You be the judge if she is right or wrong and enjoy the first update with her.

Hi everyone! 😍
Check out the new mud video in download store made with lovely Sonja! She gets pretty muddy during she plays with that ball... You can see some artist poses from her too! 😜 Enjoy the Trailer! 😘
It's available on as well!