Second wetlook video for today:
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Orsi is back after a while she had been busy with other important projects so she just invited us in, make us tea, and while the tea was cold enough to drink she jumped into the bath for a quick wetlook session. And then finished the tea of course ;)

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Theodora is having a good time in the pool. She is wearing full jeans outfit and high heels.

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f you wonder what Helen did on the beach that day, the answer is simple: She was looking for us :) And she found us fortunately cos other wise how would you enjoy her casual outfit getting wet in the sea?

We just kidding with the story.... the wetlook was pretty serious tough :).

Enjoy watching her.

BENECO I wait in this video when her blouse wet :)

Flav from EuroWAM I don't understand the question.

Fourth video for today on

Andra is back into the sea, and this time she has something for the jeans fans.

Hopefully you will enjoy this update as much as she enjoyed playing in the sea for you.

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Zseraldin has a passion for reading and we have a passion for wetlook. Nothing bad can happen if we combine our passions. And reading can be even more interesting after a swim in the pool.

Second video for today on
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You are heading to a party (birthday party of your friend) and you are very early thinking that you will be there first. Then on your way to the party you meet a girl who invites you to do something you never heard of still it sounds intriguing enough for you to try it out so after all maybe you will be late to the party but you will surely have a hell of an experience. Meet Barbara and enjoy her wetlook hunter session.

BENECO Beautifully soaks clothes

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This is Babett's wetlook dance from wetlookparty 42 available on

In a few minutes, the full video will be available in the Prime section BUT we have a question for the fans.
IF you have a few minutes to watch the wetlook interview and to give one vote then we look forward to see the result of your voting.


Hi guys! 😍
Check out the new wetlook dance video with lovely Babett taken from wetlook party 42!

Hi everyone! 🥰
Hope you are having a nice weekend!
You can watch now the trailer of Barby's wetlook video! She's wearing a nice casual outfit! Enjoy!