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In the place where we shot this clip, there were some fishermen staring at us and when we finished this shoot, we asked them how they preferred seeing Cora's working clothes she was wearing in this clip. As we all expected, they all said, "WET, OF COURSE!" Hopefully, you think the same... Otherwise, what would you do on this site? ;)

Flav from EuroWAM Another picture.

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A lady is a lady and will have to wear proper dressing... even when she is taking a swim in the lake ;).

And because Kris have really good manners she carefully picked the heels and the stockings for this update.

Hi guys! 🥰
I hope you're having a nice weekend!
Check out the Trailer of Clara's video! She's vearing a nice winter jacket and boots! Enjoy!

I have a message for Alexander Hoyer.

It looks that (as usual) rejects the emails from and even apparently so I cannot reply to him regarding the issue on the site. Please contact me from another email address Alexander. BTW, the issue is now fixed.

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Gabrielle is back and this time she puts on her favorite cocktail dress. Enjoy watching her in and out of the tank with her fancy outfit sticking to her sexy body.

Made a free cut:

Hi guys! 😍
Check out the new wetlook cosplay vieo made with Amelia. She sure looks great as bathwoman, but looks even better as wet bathwoman! 😉

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Julia is always elegant and always in the mood for a shower so we kept calling her to the shootings. Wonderful lady to work with. Hats off!

Hello Guys, how are you? Thank you so much for your feedback and messages. Some of you had great, funny, and exciting ideas about the place of the wet sessions! What would you like to see on me in my next video? See you soon ​😘😉

BENECO Please wet in this lake in your clothes and pantyhose

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, this lake is belonging to the movie studio but will choose another lake shortly.😉

BENECO please swim in it wearing pantyhose, you can show wet nylon feet :)

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This is Juci's wetlook dance from wetlookparty 38 available on

trailer cut:

BENECO Sonja wear pantyhose under trousers?

BENECO Please wet in this lake :)

Flav from EuroWAM Please reply on YouTube.

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, yes, I am wearing a black pantyhose😉