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We're sure you all enjoyed the clip with Andrea when she dirtied her business outfit. Since she enjoyed playing in the mud and already knew the feeling, she agreed to do a second clip for us. For this clip we dressed her with a white dress. By now, the mud pit was even warmer this time (because of the sun), so Andrea felt even better in the mud, and she was very careful not to leave a clean spot on the dress, pantyhose and heels. Enjoy! 😊

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Getting Monika dunked is always a pleasure, especially when she wears tight jeans and a shirt that is fairly seethru when wet.
Enjoy the new pool dunk update with her! 😉

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Enjoy watching Edina and Amarilla together take from Wetlook party49 available on! They sure had a great time there! 😉
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That day Caroline was not in a fantastic mood. When we told her that she would have to get this dress (one of her favorites) muddy, she was not happy at all... However, Caroline likes to be watched and photographed, so that brightened her mood a little. Enjoy! 😉

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An elegant pantsuit can look pretty lovely on every occasion, but there is one single place where it can truly shine. Enjoy watching Edina! 😉

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I arranged a meeting with Babett as we were shooting in Budapest that day. It was just perfect. Babett was after her fitness session and as always she couldn't wait to get wet in her outfit, so she refreshed herself and had a great time! 😉
Short trailer:

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Lovely Babett is back! She came to us after her fitness session, and the girls thought a swim in her training outfit and a walk home, still wearing her wet clothes, was exactly the way to end that afternoon. Enjoy! 😉

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After the first experience in the mud (which Maria said that it was great)... It was natural that she will agree to mess another outfit - especially if it's not her outfit. So what we did was to offer her this summer dress and we invited her to do her best to cover herself with mud again... Which of course she gladly did and there she was again in the middle of the mud but this time wearing a brown and green summer dress, pantyhose and high heels.
Enjoy the update.