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Roxana is 21, and the crew met her on a "hot" winter day. Of course, because of the lack of winter clothing updates lately on the site, we really wanted to get this 21-year-old student into the jacuzzi and see how the water looks on her clothes, but when outdoors is snow around you. It's not that easy to get a pretty girl to get her warm winter clothes wet, even if you invited her to a friendly environment.
In Roxana's case though the hardest of the hunt was proportional to her beautiful image in the jacuzzi fully dressed. 😉

BENECO Very nice more hunter in winter clothes :) maybe next )

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New video on wam.tv:
Another outfit from Laura's closet, a pretty nice one we thought, but despite her pretty look we could not let her dry when she missed the correct answer to our quiz. Enjoy! 😉

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Check out Zsuzsi's wetlook video now in the download store! She finished her job pretty early (she had to clean up the chairs from the terrace of the hotel where she worked. And since it was after closing time, she knew that no one with catch her playing in the pool fully clothed. Well, except us, of course! Enjoy the Trailer! 😉
The video is available on wam.tv as well!

Trailer: https://videa.hu/videok/emberek-vlogok/t1016c7-trailer-fRTgAuLpG0IpIQOf

Hello guys! 😍
New video on wam.tv:
We thought it would be a nice change to have a mini skirt on the site for denim fans. And the update is a pool update, BUT Kata uses mainly a hose with a shower head attached to get her clothes wet in the video. Enjoy! 😉

Remastered on EUROWAM.

While the cameraman and I were walking through a park, we saw Nico playing on a bench with her cell phone. So she obviously had some time to kill and I was ready to offer her a nice way to kill it. She seemed to be a nice girl and she proudly asserted that she works for a British company - so, OF COURSE, she speaks English! :) She was on her lunch break, and she was dressed for the office with a black skirt, white shirt (that went completely seethru in the water ;) ), black heels and black pantyhose. She also told me that she is in fact the manager of the local office for the British company, but she did not tell me which company... Anyway, the point is that she didn't tell me that her boss was waiting for her to get back to the office, this being the reason she could not come with me. What was the reason she soaked her business clothes in the sea? I will let you discover all by yourself, while you watch the clip.

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Liliane is taking a bath, and then she swims in the pool in this session.
She is wearing a black velvet jacket (which she will remove during the bathtub part), a pair of denim short pants, a white shirt without a bra underneath, black sheer pantyhose, and a pair of leather boots which will be taken off when she enters in the pool.

I just posted the Wetlook Interview on YouTube for Enna's Wetlook Hunter session (T1082c1)

Hi guys! 🥰
Check out the new wetlook hunter video available in download store! Meet Enna, a sweet blondie, who was curious to try out how it feels like to bathe fully clothed. Enjoy the Trailer!😘
The video is available on wam.tv as well!

BENECO New year hunter amazing;)

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Madalina is always happy to get wet, and since her last dunking session went down pretty well, we thought that a second time for her is a must. So we asked her to put on something casual, and we surprised her with a new quiz. Of course, for every wrong answer, she got dunked.

Hi everyone! 😍
Check the new mud play video made with Kimi and Alida available in download store! They are football fans, but also like to get muddy, so it was their lucky day! Enjoy the Trailer! 😘
You can watch the video on wam.tv as well!