Hi guys! 😘
New mud video is available in download store!
Eleonora came to our mud place dressed in a formal outfit because she wanted to try out how it feels like to be covered in mud dressed in a sexy skinfit dress and wearing heels. I think it was a great choice, because you know I like to wear formal outfits while wetlook, or messy experiences, so I enjoyed watching her! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1114c6-trailer-b80616?category_id=101461

Hi everyone! 😍
New video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
We met Brix at Wetlook parties, but this time she called me, and said that she would like to come alone... and you could guess that I said yes. 😄 She had so much fun wetting her nice formal outfit. Enjoy watching her! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1119c1-trailer-589e6d?category_id=101461
Short trailer:

Hello guys! 🥰
New REMASTERED video on EuroWAM!
Helen proudly wears this suit, looking just like a business lady. She trashes it in the mud for us even more proudly. 😉

Hey guys, sorry for yesterday's mistake... it turned out that the video was not set as free. I apologize for wasting your time. I set another video as free for the next 24 hours, and also I will leave yesterday's video on for another 24 hours.
This is the new one:

Have a great day.

New REMASTERED video is up on EuroWAM!
The second clip is with this very nice girl. This time she is wearing a long evening dress, pantyhose, and heels in the mud pit. A nice evening gown covered with mud never disappoints you... am I right? 😉

Hi guys! 😊
New video on wam.tv!
As it turned out, Branda was expecting Vivien to come over to the bar, but Vivien missed Brenda by half an hour. So after she waited for Brenda to come and realized she would not, Vivien had no choice but to play in the jacuzzi alone. Enjoy watching her. Also, you can find the whole topless scene on my UMD store! 😉

Free for 24 hours on wam.tv:

Enjoy and have a great week.

Hello everyone! 🥰
New video in download store and on wam.tv!
If all military personnel looked like Adeline, fewer military conflicts would exist. Agree? Enjoy watching her! 😉

And a new REMASTERED clip is available on EuroWAM!
After she finished the first clip (Update #0044), Alexandra agreed to do another shot wearing our clothes this time. So we gave her a black satin cocktail dress and we invited her back in the mud pit for another messy session. Judging from the expressions on her face, we would say that she enjoys playing in the mud.

Hi guys! 😍
I hope your weekend is going well! 😊
New video on wam.tv Extra section!
Finally you can watch Blanka's wetlook home video in the outfit which got the most votes. Enjoy watching her getting wet in her jeans and white T-shirt! 😉