Hi everyone! 😘
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We thought that a sports clothes party would please many fans since it had been a while since we had had one. So we gathered 22 girls together and told them to wear something sporty and tight on the skin for this party. This is the complete collection of the sessions from Wetlook Party 17.

Hello guys! 🥰
New on wam.tv!
Andreea looks fantastic in any outfit, and this time, she chose something for her denim-loving fans. Let's hope the others will not mind to see her drenched like this in the sea. 😉

Also, we have good news! After YouTube canceled our membership option on our Eurowam channel, we decided to move our membership content to wam.tv! Just click on the page and look for the EXTRA! And in the Free section you can watch the longer Trailers as well!

Hi guys! 😘
We have a new video in download store and also on wam.tv!
Sabina was reading a book and she decided to take break and soak her nice white outfit in the bathtub for us. It's always a pleasure to see her getting wet, so enjoy! 😉
Trailer: https://wam.tv/programs/t1045c7-trailer-long-4933dd?category_id=101461

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Helen's denim session was made on a public beach during a late summer afternoon.
Her tight jeans look as nice as her denim jacket when she soaks them in the sea.

Hi guys! 🥰
We have a new wetlook hunter video in download store and also on wam.tv!
Meet Lelle! She is a beautiful girl, who has a great outfit to soak in, and when I saw her I knew that I must try to convince her to come with me and take a bath, and as you can see I succeeded! 🙂 Enjoy her first fully clothed bath! 😉

Hello everyone! 😍
New mud video is available in download store and on wam.tv as well!
Here is a slightly different session than what we used to produce (regarding the clothing). Usually, we like pantyhose and avoid sandals, but we try to see the fan's feedback after the session with Narina. If the feedback is good, we will produce more of these, as usual. Enjoy!

Hey guys! 😘
New wetlook video in download store and on wam.tv as well!
I had a great day together with beautiful Netty, I made her makeup for a photoshoot. We were in a great flat with a nice bathtub, and I got so excited to soak my new outfit in it! 🤩 So, I made it! I love that leather skirt, and my shirt paired with my favourite heels. You know I love to get wet in formal outfits, so I had so much fun! Enjoy! 😉

Hello everyone! 🙂
New on wam.tv!
We don't know about you, but we sure missed the seaside updates lately, so the crew went hunting a little in a city we went to two years ago. Since lately, many customers and fans have been asking us why we stopped searching for ladies dressed in business suits; we decided to stay as long as it takes to find some lovely ladies who not only will come with us and soak their clothes BUT will also enjoy it. We can get them into the BIG wetlook circle we have.
We started the campaign on the right foot; Helen is a beautiful 22-year-old lady dressed just as we wanted her to be. She was coming home from work and was facing a dull afternoon on a hot day, so she was not that hard to convince to try out our wetlook experience. Of all, she had a great time in the water, posing for the cameras, and she promised to be back for more clips IF we will ask her to. So you have nothing else to do except to enjoy the view! 😉

Hi guys! 🥰
Netty's new wetlook video is now available in download store!
She just came from work, and she wanted to cool down herself in the pool. That nice outfit on her sure needed to get wet! Enjoy watching her! 😉