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Kamilla's cocktail dress is the perfect outfit for a dunk tank session... and not just because it kept lifting up with every fall in the tank... but also because it's black color look just great when wet.

Hi guys! 😍
Meet Barbara, a pretty girl who was open for a nice wetlook video.
Her wetloo hunter video is now available in the download store!

BENECO Hi Barbara:)

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Helen's session was made on a public beach during a late summer afternoon.

Her tight jeans look just as nice as her denim jacket when she soaks them in the sea.

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Orsi plays for the cameras in the pool, wearing a casual outfit.

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For Andra any day is a great day to get wet, BUT the summer days are the best ;) And this time she came to the shootings with one of her white outfits.

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Arna and Lara put up a nice volleyball game with the usual twist. Whenever the ball fell into the mud pit one of them has to go in and rescue the ball. Easy as pie right? Well... not when you are on heels ;)

BENECO My heart beat faster;)

Hi guys! 😍
Abigel is back, and she likes to play pool, but she also likes to soak her nice sexy dress too. So, enjoy her bathing! 😉

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What we have here is Orsi trying out a spinning bicycle and after a while she decided that she would have way better strength and she would look way better on it if she would be wet.

BENECO The best of the best;)

Hi everyone! 🥰
Check out the Trailer of Niki's muddy video! She allways add some sexyness to her videos!
Sooo, enjoy!😉!ojg?fbclid=IwAR3WKVehsXaYe4C1OCcuu-RkJbpNezb_c15hulSIB5yeGeEw_lqBzD2apek

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Nothing too special here ;) just a normal afternoon for Anca.

She came at the beach wearing her tight jeans, a tight, blue, wool blouse and a pair of platform shoes with nylon socks.

During the clip she takes off her heels and when wet (as you can guess) her clothes look absolutely great on her.