Free cut from T1098c2 - Arlett's wetlook dance taken from party 46.

Remastered on EuroWAM:

It was a weekend when I met Diana... She was walking on the street (to be honest, I dunno where), and of course, I could not resist running after her and trying my best to get her into the sea. Unfortunately, this clip, like 5-6 others, doesn't have the meeting part with sound because of a technical problem we've had). But I can tell you that her name is Diana and I remember for sure that she is 24 years old and she works as a sales representative for a car company in that city. It was not so hard to get her outfit soaked and she enjoyed the sea water very much, probably because it was not her first swim in the sea fully clothed.

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Remastered on EUROWAM.

While the cameraman and I were walking through a park, we saw Nico playing on a bench with her cell phone. So she obviously had some time to kill and I was ready to offer her a nice way to kill it. She seemed to be a nice girl and she proudly asserted that she works for a British company - so, OF COURSE, she speaks English! :) She was on her lunch break, and she was dressed for the office with a black skirt, white shirt (that went completely seethru in the water ;) ), black heels and black pantyhose. She also told me that she is in fact the manager of the local office for the British company, but she did not tell me which company... Anyway, the point is that she didn't tell me that her boss was waiting for her to get back to the office, this being the reason she could not come with me. What was the reason she soaked her business clothes in the sea? I will let you discover all by yourself, while you watch the clip.

I just posted the Wetlook Interview on YouTube for Enna's Wetlook Hunter session (T1082c1)

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Madalina is always happy to get wet, and since her last dunking session went down pretty well, we thought that a second time for her is a must. So we asked her to put on something casual, and we surprised her with a new quiz. Of course, for every wrong answer, she got dunked.

Happy new year to everyone, and here is a gift from our crew to enjoy before, after, or during new year's eve.

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What we have here is a summer day and a "wetlook hungry" Alexandra. So we took a trip to the nearest river and got her tight jeans, leather boots, and black jacket wet in the cold water.

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Laura really wanted to try out our pool dank machine, so of course, we could not say no. This pool dunk session is a quiz session, so there will be nobody throwing the ball, instead for each wrong answer Laura got dunked in the pool.

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This is Lola's wetlook dance, taken from wetlook party 41 available on

Merry Christmas to everyone. 10 Videos have been set as free for this Christmas. Hopefully, you will enjoy them. The videos are posted on website (scroll down for the free section)

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BENECO I wish you L extraordinary Christmas joys, unforgettable taste Christmas delicacies and new possibilities in life in the coming year. The Mystery of Christmas may it enrich with grace, fill it with peace and joy, and let it shine with its light all days of the coming year