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Alina was just "walking" (at least that's what she said) and I was really determined to do everything I can to get her wet, mainly because I was curious to see how see-through those white clothes would get after they get wet. So if I would have needed to, you can be sure I would offer her a nice amount of money to drop her afternoon schedule and come with us for a nice soak into the sea.

Well, the money was not necessary because she came with us without any monetary persuasion. I promised her though that IF she does not enjoy it, then I would turn the cameras off and drive her home. See for yourself if she enjoyed it or not. ;)

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Julia is the PERFECT businesswoman. We can assure you that when dressed like that and soaked properly, she would win any deal or negotiation.

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This is Emilia's wetlook dance from wetlookparty 40 - Full party available on and on as well.

Flav from EuroWAM Another picture.

Made a trailer for Kamilla's dunk tank video:

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IT WAS ABOUT TIME to see Kamilla wearing something formal... and we didn't loose the chance to dunk her over and over again...

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Kris is back with some new clothes from her closet. She takes a swim in the lake, wearing a pair of high-heeled leather boots, 50 DEN pantyhose, a wool skirt, and a nice fluffy sweater.

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Flav from EuroWAM And one more.

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WE LOVE THE SUMMER! Really. And we know that many of you like it too... However, we have an extra reason to love the hot season: We don't catch a cold after each hunt!

Anyway, back to Dora, she is 20 years old, she is a student in her second year and she will be a sexy accountant one day. The day we met she was on her way to meet a girlfriend of hers. It's true that in order to get her wet, I even talked to her girlfriend on the phone. :) BUT I think it's better to let you discover the story yourself and enjoy watching Dora soaking her outfit for us into the sea instead of having us tell you all about it.

BENECO Her shoes blouse amazing!!

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Another evening gown gets soaked by Caroline in the warm sea, and she also wears her expensive high heels.

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Wetlook Interview after Wetlook Hunter session - Odett - T1081c3

BENECO Amazing she must wear pantyhose and wet