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Julia is always elegant and always in the mood for a shower so we kept calling her to the shootings. Wonderful lady to work with. Hats off!

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This is Juci's wetlook dance from wetlookparty 38 available on

trailer cut:

BENECO Sonja wear pantyhose under trousers?

BENECO Please wet in this lake :)

Flav from EuroWAM Please reply on YouTube.

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, yes, I am wearing a black pantyhose😉

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Since, by mistake, we have released the T1078c5 session before time I release now the session which preceeded the T1078c5, which is this one. So Lara was driving after a "no luck" day and she was talking to the camera saying that she was unable to convince any girl to come over and get her clothes wet or oily so she was about to call it a day when she spotted Teresa at a chimney cake stand. Before even introducing herself Lara started the talk with Teresa and while the chimney cake was being prepared Lara told Teresa that she is grumpy because her work was in vain that day. Teresa told Lara that she was hitchhiking amd Lara offered hera ride. The rest is history as the saying goes and the moral of the story is never get into Lara's car or else... you will end up wet or messy.

Flav from EuroWAM And another pic.

BENECO She show oiled nylon feet?

Flav from EuroWAM Yes, she did.

Just posted a free cut from T912c7 session

BENECO Cut show very her wetlook:)

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Nothing too fancy about this update... except the fact that Andra is posing fully clothed for us on a public beach during a summer afternoon.

Free video for Easter.

Happy Easter to all the wetlook fans!

Second wetlook video for today:
also available on eurowam:

Orsi is back after a while she had been busy with other important projects so she just invited us in, make us tea, and while the tea was cold enough to drink she jumped into the bath for a quick wetlook session. And then finished the tea of course ;)

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Theodora is having a good time in the pool. She is wearing full jeans outfit and high heels.

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f you wonder what Helen did on the beach that day, the answer is simple: She was looking for us :) And she found us fortunately cos other wise how would you enjoy her casual outfit getting wet in the sea?

We just kidding with the story.... the wetlook was pretty serious tough :).

Enjoy watching her.

BENECO I wait in this video when her blouse wet :)

Flav from EuroWAM I don't understand the question.