Hello Guys, how are you? Thank you so much for your feedback and messages. Some of you had great, funny, and exciting ideas about the place of the wet sessions! What would you like to see on me in my next video? See you soon ​😘😉


BENECO Please wet in this lake in your clothes and pantyhose

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, this lake is belonging to the movie studio but will choose another lake shortly.😉

BENECO please swim in it wearing pantyhose, you can show wet nylon feet :)

Hello my dears, how are you? My best friend asked me for a favor to water her plants as she is on her holiday. I can't miss this opportunity to get wet in her bathroom 😁So she is having fun on a vacation and I am having fun in her bathroom 😉😘

BENECO Pantyhose or nylon socks?

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco it is pantyhose under the pants😘

Hello my Wetlook fans, hope you are doing well! I have a good idea! My friend is going to travel on a holiday and she asked me for a favor to water her plants. She has got a nice bathroom...and I am looking forward to getting wet in it 😉😁:See you soon😘

BENECO Wear pantyhose?

NatPakje Great idea! Let's find something suitable in her wardrobe!

MathLM29190 off course !

Hello my Wetlook fans, hope you are doing well!
I am shooting in a movie in the style of the '70s, having a lot of fun. Do you like my outfit?😁And what about this curly hairstyle?😂
By the way, what is your favorite style? The outfit of the fifties, sixties, or seventies?
Waiting for your comments and private messages! See you soon! 😘😉

BENECO Sonja you wear pantyhose under pants?

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, yes I am wearing black pantyhose under the trousers😊

BENECO Please show nylon feet:)

Hello Guys,, how are you? Thank you for your messages, hope you have enjoyed my bathtub video.I am waiting so much for spring and summer because I would like to have fun at the sea and lakes! What about you?Which one do you prefer, indoor or outdoor Wetlook sessions?
See you soon, take care😉😘😉😘

BENECO Outdoor in pantyhose")

Sonja from EuroWAM Beneco, Iwill keep it in my mind😉

BENECO Your wetlook in my mind :)

Hello, my Wetlook friends! You know guys I love cleaning the bathroom but what I like more is having a Wetlook session in a bathtub afterward.😉😁Enjoy my new video and write me your comments!😘


Hello, guys hope you are doing fine! Thank you for your answers to my question! The question was what do you prefer when models are getting wet under the shower or in a bathtub? Well, your votes are surprised me!😉😘

BENECO Please wear pantyhose black:)

Hello, my dear Wetlook friends!Hope you are doing well!🥰
I was wondering what do you prefer....when the models get wet under the shower or in a bath tube?
Write your comments here or send me a private message! See you soon 😉😘

BENECO definitely a bathtub, a swimming pool and of course in tights :)

Hello my dear Wetlook fans!Enjoy my new wet session,I did too! Was amazing to have a shower in a fur coat and hat !Waiting for your feedbacks, see you soon😉😘and I wish you a Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you for your vote about my hat! I am preparing for my next video😁so see you soon!😘😉