Hello my friends, hope you are well ?!
It was a very great feeling today when it´s a bit cold outside 😄
A girl nearby was so kind to take a picture 😃 Ciao, Stefan

Lara Lara Wow! You look great Stefan! Great place! I hope you didn't got cold! 😘

Sepp Hello Lara! Thank you, it was so funny and after that i took a hot shower 😀 (with that clothes on) 😄

Changed profile picture.

Sonja from EuroWAM That is so cool Sepp!

Sepp Hi Sonja! Thank you 🙂 unfortunately the summer is gone and we have to wait till next outdoor session!!

Lara Lara Hi! You look great in that outfit! especially wet ;-)

Sepp Hi Lara! Thank you so much 😀 i really like it with jeans and t-shirt and of course with socks ;-)