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Nothing more fortunate (and this was stated many times on the site) than a girl with a free afternoon and a curiosity for what we do. We absolutely love the girls who are really, genuinely interested in wetlook even if they are getting wet with their clothes on for the first time of their life. And if that girl speak fluent English of course we want her on the team as well... So what do you think? Should we have Odett in the team along with Sonja? Click to vote:

BENECO Wetlook hunter still amazing;)

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Julia was happy to soak another fancy dress for us... and she have plenty of them so she kept cumming back to the studio;)

Enjoy watching her in a new shower session.

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We have a new Alexandra on the site! She 20 years old and she was on her way to work when we met. She told me that she works for a bank and that there is no way to come with me and get herself into the sea dressed with her office clothes and her heels. I admit that I gave her money and I had to lie (not to her) to get her wet BUT you have to admit that she was well worth my time and effort. We went to the beach and when she saw the water, she suddenly did not want to get in. So THEN I had to convince the girl to get wet again (the second time was with the camera off). I must admit that sometimes I had the feeling that she didn't want to be there at all, she is not feeling comfortable with the wet clothes on at all, and she is not OK with having us there and she is not feeling OK because we filmed her and of course some other people were starting to stare at her... But what can we do? We cannot expect that every girl is to have a good time soaking her clothes ;)!

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Lili is playing in the kiddy pool wearing a denim skirt, low heeled, cowboy boots, and a brown cardigan over a black thin blouse.

The boots will come off for a while during the clip and the cardigan is also removed at some point.

And Liliane had a wonderful time posing totally soaked for us.

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It looks like our mud game series is popular... so we keep adding them to the store. Edina and Jessica play a rock-throwing game which will get them both really messy at the end of it. The wash-off session is included.

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Ginger red hair and black clothes. A nice combination we got from Flora so the wetlook effect was pretty nice on her working clothes and also her hair turned dark red when wet and on top of all, she had fun posing for the cameras.

BENECO :) 1000 like

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In the place where we shot this clip, there were some fishermen staring at us and when we finished this shoot, we asked them how they preferred seeing Cora's working clothes she was wearing in this clip. As we all expected, they all said, "WET, OF COURSE!" Hopefully, you think the same... Otherwise, what would you do on this site? ;)

Flav from EuroWAM Another picture.

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A lady is a lady and will have to wear proper dressing... even when she is taking a swim in the lake ;).

And because Kris have really good manners she carefully picked the heels and the stockings for this update.

I have a message for Alexander Hoyer.

It looks that (as usual) rejects the emails from and even apparently so I cannot reply to him regarding the issue on the site. Please contact me from another email address Alexander. BTW, the issue is now fixed.

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Gabrielle is back and this time she puts on her favorite cocktail dress. Enjoy watching her in and out of the tank with her fancy outfit sticking to her sexy body.

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