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Check out the new update on wam.tv!

This clip with Sabina has an interesting story, with a twist at the end. We needed to do a custom video for a customer. And the theme of the video had nothing to do with wetlook; it was a dry hair modeling video. Well, the surprise was after we turned off the camera and Sabina said that she doesn't feel like she's been in the studio if she ends her day with the clothes dry on her...
This is why she ended her day as she always does when she comes around: soaked, wet, and happy.

Hi everyone! 🥰
Enjoy the Trailer of how I met Sarah in the street! She has a great outfit for her first wetlook experience!

Hi everyone! 😘
Enjoy Vanessas's wetlook fun in the pool! She looks so amazing in that black dress soaked!

Check out the Trailer of Roxi's wetlook dance taken from Wetlook party 42! 😉

Hello everyone! 🥰
We have a new video on wam.tv:

Another custom video request, this time with Enci, telling a story to the camera and getting slimes and getting wet when she uses certain words.
After she is completely covered with slime, she rolls in the mess and then takes a shower to clean the mess.

Hi guys! 😍
Enjoy the Trailer of these two sexy girls in nice outfits! I guess they enjoyed better getting muddy more than the game... ;-P

New wetlook video in the download store with Nora! 😉
She loves elegant and formal outfits, that's how I met her! And this time she's back with a full white formal outfit which gets see threw after getting wet, so enjoy her!

BENECO Simpatic wetlook:)

Hi guys!😍
New oil update in download store with Sonja!
Sexy and professional as always, so enjoy watching her covering her nice outfit for you!

Hi everyone! 🥰
Enjoy the Trailer of Carina wetting herself under the shower! I'm sure she looks better all wet in those leather pants!