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A while ago we received a request to make several "YCDTOT like" sessions. This is one of them.

Wetlook party 4 has been re uploaded on remastered to 1080p.

I have also lowered the price of the individual videos.

A ballanced Wednesday to everyone!

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Ilka was on her way home from work when she realized that she had no water in the the radiator. She thought that this would not be such a big deal. So she took a bottle from the trunk and wanted to put some water in the damn radiator, and make that little red flashing light to go off on the dashboard ;). Anyway as you can guess she somehow managed to get some water over her coat and this gave her some ideas.... Check out the update to find out how she ended her day.

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Maya has lots of satin business suits, and of course we want to see all of them in the mud. Here is a black satin suit, matched with white heels and a white satin shirt.

A mud video was set as free for 24 hours on

Use your imagination and picture Virag, wearing this outfit, while at work.

BENECO i watch this video 1200x thanks

Flav from EuroWAM Thank you for the feedback Beneco. I am happy you liked it.

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As promissed the full party 4 is now available on

8 videos, remastered to 1080p have been added to the download store:

A wetlook hunter video is now online on

In the previous wetlook hunter session (T982c8 ) Szandra agreed to come with us and take the wetlook hunter challenge, wearing her casual clothes while her friend, Betty, watched her from the shore. Now, it's time to switch the places and while Szandra was warming up on the rocks, Betty got into the sea.