A wetlook story video has been added today to the WAM.tv
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A lot of fans online usually means a lot of interaction with them. BUT what if your fans challenge you to jump into the shower and then come back and continue chatting with them? Would you do what Helga did?

A mud video has been added to the wam.tv
A gorgeous cocktail dress - T397c3
In this video Maya is wearing a gorgeous cocktail dress and high heels... To be honest we had some serious thoughts if we should ruin this outfit or not...

A dunk tank video was just added to the WAM.TV
Could not count the dunks - T408c4
For a while we count the times Eva got dunked that day. However, during the clip, her dress kept rising every time she was in the tank, and as you can guess we lost count of the dunks. We can assure you that the number of them was significant, as always ;)

A mud video has been added to the wam.tv
Maya is wearing her long, elegant evening gown with the same grace even when the dress is fully covered with thick mud.


A video has been added to the wam.tv
A beautiful yellow swimming suit from Noemi's closet :)

We have a session for the jeans and denim fans. No heels this time and Ramona did her best to look stunning. We certainly hope she is up to your expectations.
The video is now on wam.tv

A new mud video has been added to the WAM.tv

Hey guys... since still not a chance to have time and upload more videos on Vimeo soon I have decided to set from time to time a video as free on wam.tv for 24 hrs (it is now 10:39 (GMT+3) Friday, August 20, 2021) so it will be free till 10:39 (GMT+3) Saturday, August 21, 2021)

So the video is here:

Enjoy as a free gift ONLY for blog and newsfeed users.

A New Wetlook Hunter and a new formal wet sessions have been added to the download store:
And the videos are already available on the wam.tv as well here:

Hello guys,
a muddy update is up in the download store
and on wam.tv for the streaming fans