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In this production made for a custom request, Theodora was required to dance and during the dance to get into the pool. The dressing requires was: high heels, stockings, satin shirt and a baseball cap and a sweater on her hips (a pretty interesting combination ;)

BUT since any clothing looks great on Theodora, especially when wet, we are sure you will like this update.

New mud video on

Andrea is always happy to come over for a wam session with us. Even if she is wearing her favorite leather jacket. Enjoy the view. Wash off session available.

Flav from EuroWAM And another picture.

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Hi my dears! How are you today? 😍
I have a surprise for the wetlook hunter (my fans) and the coat lovers! 😜
Remember Blanka? She is a lovely and kind girl! You can watch now our trailer! Enjoy! 😘

Kyra's and Helga's "after party" video is up on

We can call this video "after party" as we asked both girls to act as they would have attending a party and since both of them like clubbing it was not very hard to get them to dance around a few minutes before we ask them to step over into the shower.

The wetlook dance after the shower was more interesting, we can tell you that much.

The girl with ballet flats is Helga and the girl with the sneakers is Kyra.

New wetlook hunter video up on the download store:

Csenge is the latest Hungarian beauty among our hunted girls. In the beginning, she was as bitchy and arrogant as a girl could be when a guy stops her on the street on a cold winter day, and it had to be because a guy wants something from her. But there is no way that little things like arrogance can stop me when I see a beautiful girl wearing tight jeans, boots, and I assumed that there was a sexy sweater underneath that leather jacket.

So check the clip out for yourself and see how hard it was to get this sexy girl into the bathtub wearing that nice winter outfit - boots and all...

And the winning logo is decided without any doubt. Thank to all the people who cast a vote for this.

Flav from EuroWAM Here are the votings in percentage.

Lara Lara It's my favourite too! 🤩

Today's quote is here and I wish everyone a great week.

Hello, my dear Wetlook fans!14th of December is here very soon so don't forget to send your votes with the T number of your favorite videos to Lara:
If you haven't seen already here are the details again. Have a wonderful Sunday!😘

Flav from EuroWAM One more day for the suggestions.

And again! Don't forget to choose your favourite videos for Christmas, and send the T numbers to 🥰 😘

Flav from EuroWAM I am sure this had a major impact 😀

Shinksmeister Wow.