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You guys probably remember Edness from video T316c1. After the first clip where she was dressed with pants and high heels, we gave her a satin evening gown to wear for this wetlook modelling session.

Free video for 24 hours:
Part seven of party 2 - T521c3

New mud video added as well.
You have to agree that that this dress looks great on Simonne clean or dirty ;)

Flav from EuroWAM Here is a clean one

New wetlook hunter video added to the
This was the best hitchhike ever but do have to recommend that you don't try this despite the fact that you might get the same result as we did. She is Erika, and I will not tell you about how hard was to get her to come with us and take the wetlook hunter challenge but what I can tell you that she enjoyed to get soaked with her clothes on and she loves to pose to the camera. I did not meet a girl like this for a while, really. I hope you guys will love to watch the clip just as much as Erika liked playing along in it.

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A student sure needs a lot of study it is in its name after all. Fortunately Ibolya likes reading and studying probably just as much as she hates hot weather.
Fortunately for the weather we have a way to solve it.

Part five of wetlook party two is free for 24 hours from now:

A mud video is now up on the
Dressed like any secretary should be dressed (in our opinion) Aida is playing in the mud.

Two wetlook videos are up on the
A wetlook hunter video
and and shower dance video taken from party #40

Lili's casual clothing shower and pool dance is now available for the prime users.
Footage taken during party 38 available on and on The footage was not included in the actual party cut.

A wetlook story video has been added today to the
and also to the download store

A lot of fans online usually means a lot of interaction with them. BUT what if your fans challenge you to jump into the shower and then come back and continue chatting with them? Would you do what Helga did?