We have a new messy video on wam.tv (it was a custom video we did a while ago)
Please note that the video has to be UNCUT which means if Maya missed a single line we had to go over from the start :)
It was not the easyest video we produced :))


Today's quote...

Sonja from EuroWAM
Changed profile picture.

Sepp Hi Sonja, it´s a very nice picture, hope you are well!!


What do you prefer,Wet or dry training pants?

BENECO Wet and blouse

Quote for today guys and girls. Long one, I know... but very important.
Great wednesday to everyone.

Evelin's wetlook hunter session was added to the download store today:
and it is also available on the WAM.TV

Today's wetlook video on wam.tv:

What could go wrong if you have in the same session a pool a beautiful model some video cameras and a lot of passion for wetlook modelling? Enjoy watching Helga.

Let today be a gift!

This was one of the first dunk tank videos we ever produced.
And now it's free for 24 hours on wam.tv


How many times do you think it's fun be dunked into a tank that contains nearly 3,000 liters (660 gallons) of water? Raluca knows the answer to that question, that's for sure.

Sonja's mud session is now in the download store:
and on wam.tv

This is Sonja's first mud session and he sure home many more will come as she is not a part of the permanent crew of EuroWAM
This session is starting with Sonja playing with a ball and she kept doing that untill she accidentally dropped the ball in the mud pit. Well maybe not accidentally but she still had to go after it and this is how the fun begins.
Wash off session available as usual.